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Tips for Choosing a Password

passwordPassword is a word we often hear, to enter into a system, it takes a password, which function to restrict unauthorized access to our system. To take money at any ATM required a password or (PIN) Personal Identification Number.

Choosing or designing passwords require special thought and must be willing to vary within a specific period. Not using passwords at all (blank password) is not recommended, although it promises ease. To select a PIN number also not be underestimated, most people choose a PIN to be taken of the special dates, such as date of birth, date of birth wife / girlfriend, date of birth of the child and so forth or vehicle license plate number or house number. It looks simple, but important.

There is a system that can try to find out more than 50 million passwords per second, but the technique can only find simple passwords which length is no more than 7 or 8 characters. Penjebol any sophisticated system passwords will have difficulty breaking into the password length and consists of a combination of small letters / large, numbers and symbols.

Here's The tips:

  • Use a combination of lowercase characters, large, and special characters, such as,#,$,(,). For example: p45$w0rd, $1mpl3m@n, d3$1m4n13z, 9o(k13l$), etc.

  • Use the maximum character length, if possible not less than 8 characters.

  • Avoid using passwords systematic (eg. 123 or ABC)

  • Never tell your password to others, because if so it's not the password again.

  • Don't forget to always change the password on regular basis, so if there are people who never knew or heard our password/PIN, they can not use it.

  • For those who have a hobby of many accounts. For example in the mailing list, mail, or messeger on Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Gmail, Facebook, Plasa, Hotmail, etc. bloggers. would complicate and spent the brain space if you have to remember many passwords. Moreover, should replace it within a certain time, may increase dizziness before work, especially if it is forgotten. Single-password solution is preferred because we live to remember one password for all accounts. The downside, once predictable risk burglarized. Another solution is to password-rise. For example, we created a password for the 3 criteria: (1) important, (2) medium, and (3) not important.

Good luck.